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Musings is a personal space where I write about my thoughts and incidents that make each day special. Join me on this journey of discovery. I hope you enjoy it! 

Notebook and Pen

A little time to sleep

Her eyes closed on its own But she shook herself awake Just one more page She repeated to herself Her voice quivered and broke Her hands...

How I fell in love with BTS

For years, I've seen my friends go nuts over BTS and wondered why. It's just another band. Yet all around me I saw people so into this...


The line between sky and sea blurs Blue to orange to velvety black The waves crash, relentless The sand takes the brunt of it I won't be...

A Surprise at Night

My mother and I have been admonished by many people owing to the fact that we sleep late. Very late. Night time is our perfect time to...


I've never been a fan of horror. What scares others mildly, scares me senseless and leaves me sleepless. Stephen King is one of the most...

The Best Days

A smile that was sincere, An extended hand, An invitation to sit with; The first friendship. The special tone of that greeting, The sound...

A Foodie Extravaganza

There is this Malayalam movie called Salt and Pepper. The first scene of the movie is in a classroom where the teacher is explaining food...


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